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Founded in 2014 by Artistic Director, G. Edward Owens in Orlando, FL, 2nd Sight Dance Company is an organization dedicated to producing innovative and original dance composition. Owens’ choreography uses dance as a medium for communication that evokes emotion and speaks to audiences of all backgrounds. More than just a performance, 2nd Sight Dance Company performances are an interactive experience. What’s different about 2nd Sight Dance is that it blends traditional dance (ballet, contemporary/modern) with the theatrical wonder and mystery and illusion. Our choreography thrives on audiences with open minds who are not afraid of connecting through participation. 2nd Sight Dance Company strives to change the paradigms of how dance and magic are viewed in today's culture. 

  • Perform - Create choreography that showcases innovation in dance and artistic excellence. Our pieces will be meaningful, entertaining, and evoke thought.

  • Future forward – We will embrace technology as a vehicle to incorporate audience participation throughout performances. The audience is no longer idly watching a performance, but becomes a part of it.

  • Collaborating - Develop partnerships with different performing artists, connect with local arts presenters throughout greater-Orlando and the surrounding region, and implement outreach programs through community organizations. We will use our unique form of dance as a method to transform the Orlando arts community. 

  • Educate - Serve as an "arts tour de force" in Orlando, bringing more attention to the arts community. Our audience will play an integral role in building cultural sustainability for performing arts in Orlando.

To shift the paradigms of how dance and illusion are viewed independently through performance art.

2nd Sight Dance Company’s mission is to be recognized as a dance performance group unlike any other as it combines dance and magic. We will engage, inspire, and motivate the Orlando dance community through innovative, high-quality dance performance.


G. Edward Owens – Artistic Director

Victoria R. Kroll - Rehearsal Director

Kimberly Moy - Marketing & Publicity

Melody Zayas-Pena - Community Relations

Cheryl Owens - Finance


Denham Engineering
Ron Owens
Bellina Yu
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